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Web Hosting Services

Get secured hosting service with 24/7 support for your email account. We guarantee you to offer best features so that you can relax and concentrate on your work and leave this task up to us to handle. After designing and developing a website, all you need to do is to bring it live through a secured server. This becomes expensive in most cases, but we ascertain several options to keep your website active at affordable price.

Secured Hosting and Support

We are an internet website hosting company provide secured web, FTP, POP3 and SMTP hosting. We build one stop solutions for all your requirements right from creative website designing to creating a complex web application which is a blend of secure email solutions and high performance servers. Besides, we have comprehensive support systems to resolve all your problems into the online world. We render comprehensive web-hosting solutions at very affordable prices that boast technical support and a range of services. The hosting services that we provide begin from shared hosting to consequent delivery of a superior level of administered servers. Altogether, we uplift your need of hosting to more than just dealing with data, emails and websites. We also provide shared web hosting, dedicated Linux servers, reseller web hosting, semi-dedicated web servers, Linux hosting.

SSL Certification

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol is a creation of Netscape which enables one to make secure transactions between browsers and web servers. This protocol basically uses a third party which is none other than a Certificate Authority (CA) who identifies both the ends of each transaction. To know whether you are using a secured transaction, you can load the certificate to get all the information about the owner of the certificate such as email address, name of the owner, certificate usage, validity duration, distinguished name (DN that includes Common Name) and certificate ID. We provide SSL Certification which is widely used for secured Credit Card transactions, Bank transactions and others.

99% Uptime Guarantee

Whenever visitors access any website, it should be available without any error in process. We provide 99% uptime guarantee which connotes that your website will always remain active and will run for at least 99% of the time anytime in a year. The guarantee includes web server and service uptime, network uptime and server uptime. Our uptime is autonomously monitored 24×7 throughout a day. You can check the uptime statistics to ensure that the website is up for most of the time.

FREE cPanel with Every Plan

cPanel webhosting is a free webspace which we provide free of cost with site builder, MySQL and PHP. We are proud to offer you our steadfast free hosting. Creating a website becomes faster and easier with cPanel, all possible due to the automatic script installer, addon domain/sub-domain functions and online file manager. We provide a bunch of opportunities to build your online hosting business that saves enormous time. You can even take advantage of our professionally designed website templates which are vastly customizable as well as quick to install.

Same Day Set-Up

While offering free opportunities through cPanel, we ensure that the set up is done within 24 hours from the moment you take our services. A range of features are available to choose to fulfill your requirements. Moreover, a variety of software solutions are available to all cPanel accounts.

Free 1 Click Software Installer

Once you choose our plans, the installation and use of that service is just a click away. Our engineers have made everything easier for your convenience where you can enjoy and get satisfied from our free 1 click software installer.

Email Support

Our email solutions offer your employees with their personal email identification with passwords, file storage area and protected mailbox. We use standard email services software such as Netscape messenger, Eudora and Microsoft Internet Mail. We believe that our clients should receive best email solutions to fulfill all their communication needs. Along with providing email accounts and other features, we have a strong base of support system including the features listed below:

Unlimited support

POP3 SMTP and IMAP support

Unlimited email forwarder

Unlimited email autoresponder

Secure Intranet and Extranet

In this informative age, we firmly believe that the strategic advantage of any company lies on bringing information from any source any time. Our specialists handle corporate knowledge project, business to business extranet, document management, decision support system and much more. Our intranet and extranet solutions fills the communication gap between your branches located throughout the world and facilitate consistently build information system.

Our effective applications help you streamline your workflow and receive data sequentially. Besides, on-time reporting from numerous systems and content management and documents for different departments are the other features that you can enjoy. Our range of intranet and extranet development includes:

Web Services integration


Interface design and implementation

Database engine design and development

Content organization

Unlimited E-mail Forwarder

Businessmen don’t have time to sit and create accounts since they have to look after their work which remains exhaustive for 24 hours. Therefore, we are available to serve you copious services right from creating an account to maintaining your server for effective results through your website. Your email account is required for multiple uses for proper communication through your website. We create an explicit login space where visitors can login or create a new account for continuous usage.

Email forwarding is a useful feature that facilitates you to enjoy unlimited email addresses at your domain. This feature helps you to forward all your emails automatically from your newly created email address to an already existed email account. Basically, every domain registration is available in the market with unlimited email forwarding and Aliasing. For instance, you have created a number of email addresses such as head@newdomain.com, sales@newdomain.com, info@newdomain.com and support@newdomain.com and you can redirect any messages to your required address like yourname@yourPOPaccount.com. This is what the different is and how you can get access to all the convenient features.

Different Types of Email Setups

Email setups are of two types which are widely taken up by people to fulfill their needs. After creating an email account, you might require your old and important emails which are stored in your old or existing email address. Therefore, the process becomes easier with the help of two different kinds of email setups.



Step-By-Step Instructions

You can add new forwarding connections.

You can even delete Aliases as well as Recipients.

You can change the recipient for Aliases.

Apart from these, you can also add new mail bouncers.

Types of Mail Setups

Basically, there are three prime terms which are incorporated with general email setup. The commonly used terms are:


Followed by


POP mail box accounts.

Unlimited Number of Email Addresses

You are free to create as much email addresses as you want with just a few clicks away. Within few minutes, your email will remain up and running through our step-by-step process. You can create accounts for your employees who need to interact with different departments for continuous flow of work.

Benefits of Email Forwarding

You are free to create as much email addresses as you want with just a few clicks away. Within few minutes, your email will remain up and running through our step-by-step process. You can create accounts for your employees who need to interact with different departments for continuous flow of work.

For receiving email, use your domain name.

All emails can be forwarded to your existing account.

You can create custom email addresses by using your domain name.

Fast and simple process of setup.

You are free to create a number of email addresses to fulfill your requirement.

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