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IT Support Solutions For Your Business

Your complete outsourced IT department. Benefit from the latest enterprise level technology and market leading software solutions

Your AM team is personally responsible for the efficient delivery of your IT support service. Our unique approach gives you a strategic and service orientated team that intimately understand your technical and business needs.

We recognise that every organisation is different, but each team deals with clients that share  operational and technical characteristics. This ensures the effective delivery of the most appropriate services and solutions for each and every client.

Proactive & Responsive

Your AM team meet regularly to review service levels and discuss any issues and upcoming activity.

Driven by a wealth of live data and reporting, your AM team proactively coordinate and manage your account, ensuring the highest levels of service.

Whenever necessary your AM team will be involved at a case level to ensure rapid resolution, effective escalation and the mitigation of risk.

IT Manager

Your IT Manager oversees the strategic aspect of your IT support and managed services. They drive all consultancy; structuring the most cost effective service solutions and projects. Your IT Manager develops a strategic roadmap, a document illustrating the current state of your IT infrastructure, recognising your specific business drivers, to shape your IT strategy for the coming year.

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