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IT Support Solutions For Your Business

Your complete outsourced IT department. Benefit from the latest enterprise level technology and market leading software solutions

Forget everything you know about help desks. Let us introduce you to our method of problem-solving that is truly extraordinary.

Our Remote Support Center is a unique remote issue resolution resource utilizing a multi tiered-support structure, state-of-the-art remote management tools, and a highly experienced, dedicated team of IT specialists. Your team of dedicated remote support engineers become familiar with both your infrastructure and your end-users to create an experience that is second to none.


Your Issue Is Immediately Directed To A Specific Expert

With our unique three-tiered support, all issues are initially assessed by the SpiceWorks incident management team, and are rapidly directed to the proper tier for immediate action.


Tier 1 – End User Support

  • Spyware / Virus
  • Common Workstation Applications
  • Mobile device issues
  • Workstation Disk Cleanup & Error Resolution
  • Printer Issues


Tier 2 – Network and Server Support

  • Exchange
  • Routers and Firewalls
  • Backups
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Domain Controllers
  • Remote Access
  • Mobile Devices



Tier 3 – Specialist Support

  • Cisco
  • Blackberry
  • Goodlink
  • UPS/Power Issues
  • Server Down or Disk Error
  • Advanced Networking Infrastructure
  • Advanced Microsoft
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