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Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

For Cyber Protect Cloud

Leverage a DLP solution designed for CLIENTS WITH automatic, specific policy creation

Given that 72% of employees share sensitive company information, it’s no surprise that the Ponemon Institute found that insider-related incidents account for 45% of all breaches. Yet traditional DLP solutions that remediate those risks require extensive and costly security expertise to provision and operate – DLP policies are not universal but business-specific, turning configuration into a long, manual and costly process of learning a client’s unique business needs and mapping those manually to DLP policies.

Acronis Advanced DLP empowers you with unmatched provisioning and management simplicity, to prevent data leakage from workloads via peripheral devices and network communications. With automatic, baseline DLP policy generation, you can accurately and efficiently create business-specific policies.

Improve your productivity and avoid runaway costs

  • Reduce the time spent on provisioning and configuration via automated, baseline DLP policy creation
  • Align DLP policies with business requirements and minimize errors with optional end-user justification of sensitive-data transfers during baseline policy creation and easy, pre- enforcement, user validation
  • Simplify compliance reporting and increase visibility of DLP performance through configurable log collection, alerting and informative widgets

Reduce data leakage risks 

  • Minimize insider-related data breach risks by preventing sensitive information leakage via peripheral devices and network communications
  • Minimize the impact of human errors and enforce acceptable data use policies company-wide
  • Strengthen regulatory compliance by protecting data that is subject to regulations


Minimize manual work
and the risk of errors.
Simplify provisioning
by automatically
generating a baseline
DLP policy.


Monitor outgoing
sensitive data flows
across the organization
to automatically map’s business
processes to a DLP
policy adjusted to your
specifics. Leverage
optional end-user
assistance for higher
accuracy and request
client validation before
enforcing a policy.


Control data flows across local and network channels, including removable storage, printers, redirected mapped drives and clipboard, emails and webmails, instant messengers, file sharing services, social networks, and network protocols.


Ensure web-browser- independent control of data transfers to social media, webmail and file sharing services. Leverage content inspection of outgoing instant message and sensitive data detection in images on remote and offline computers.


Control your TCO, reduce management overhead and boost margins using a single solution that integrates backup, disaster recovery, next-generation anti- malware, email security, workload management and DLP.

Simplify client provisioning and DLP policy generation and management

We can help you streamline your provisioning and management tasks, Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) works in 2 different modes:

Observation mode

In the observation mode, the agent monitors your endpoint computers for outgoing, sensitive data flows to generate the baseline DLP policy automatically or, optionally, with end-user justification of the most risky data transfers.

Enforcement mode

Once the DLP policy is validated, we can enforce it to start protecting your data. Enforcement mode enables you to select how to enforce DLP policies:

  • Strict enforcement – enforces the DLP policy as defined, without extending it with new data flow Any data transfer that doesn’t match a defined data flow rule in the policy is blocked unless the end-user requests a one-time business-related exception for enabling a block override.
  • Adaptive enforcement – enforces the DLP policy but offers flexibility extending it with new rules for allowing previously unobserved business-related data
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